in-person sessions

Healing sessions take place in the Standish neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

Contact Angela to set up an appointment.



Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that is used to promote stress reduction, relaxation and healing. In short, Reiki is translated as ‘spiritually guided life force energy.’ The practitioner chanels Reiki energy through their hands and administers this energy to the client through working in the auric filed and through hands-on-healing.

Crystal healing is used to shift or dissolve energy in the body, generally leaving the client feeling lighter and better overall. Crystals are placed on the main energy centers of the body and then a reiki session is performed.

Good For: stress reduction. energy blocks. emotional transformation. chakra balancing. cord cutting. aura shielding. entity attachments. mood boosting.

A 75min session takes place fully-clothed on a massage table. Each session includes deep listening, intuitive insight, a customized crystal layout & reiki. Growth work may be suggested.

Crystal Reiki Session $55-95, sliding-scale.


Essences, whether flower, gem or elemental help gently peel off the emotional layers we've accumulated on our path, leaving us with the brightest, shiniest parts of ourselves.  We aren't 'changing' who we are, we are simply shifting the energy and helping the body release the layers that bog us down; the layers we've accumulated.

Essences are a gentle, yet effective form of energy medicine taken as liquid drop doses. 

Good For: emotional transformation. mood boosting. stress relief.

A 1hr session includes deep listening, intuitive insight and a custom one-ounce essence blend. Growth work may be suggested.

Essence Consultation $45-80, sliding-scale.




Traditional Western Herbalism uses plants as medicine to help bring the body back into balance. This style of herbalism approaches the body as a whole, interconnected unit and addresses imbalances by looking at tissue states, patterns, western physiology, symptoms, tongue diagnosis and also draws upon the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayruvedic diagnosis. Using pulse testing and other diagnostic skills, the practitioner hones in to find a unique profile of plants for the client to take.

Good For: any physical imbalance. mood support.

Initial Consultation $65-135
2h consultation with up to an ounce of herbal medicine
Follow-Up Consultation $35-70
1h follow-up consultation with up to an ounce of herbal medicine