About Angela

Angela is a traditional healing practitioner and educator practicing community-based earth & energy healing. Through her heart-centered practice, that is grounded in earth and all the gifts it bestows upon us, she holds space for healing and matches plants and stones to people.  She practices Traditional Western Herbalism, Flower Essence therapy, Reiki and Crystal Healing. She divides her professional time between her healing arts practice and working as a professional gardener. Her practice is based out of her home office in South Minneapolis and offers distance sessions via phone.

healing philosophy

Angela believes that every person has the ability to heal themselves.  She therefore considers her role to be one of space holder and facilitator.  Holding space for others provides a container where one can feel safe, heard and supported, while healing takes place.  Angela facilitates by channeling Reiki energy to the client, and by matching plant & stone medicine for specific healing needs. 

Angela believes that healing happens on many layers and that the physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual are all connected.  She therefore draws upon her years of training and experience to create a treatment plan specific to each person and will often give growth-work for further healing and transformation. 

In order to create the beautiful world Angela dreams about living in, we all need to start with self-healing.  She provides a safe space for whole-person healing, where every person, every body and every expression is welcome.  She believes that being our true authentic selves is one of the most inspiring things we can do in this lifetime and hopes to help unravel some of the layers that block our true, shiny authenticity.


Angela has always been drawn to holding space for people to heal.  With a strong connection to spirit and the earth she has spent a lot of her life exploring what that is, what that means, healing and studying. Since her early 20's she has been working with plants as a professional gardener, both in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Twin Cities, and simultaneously working as a healing-arts practitioner.  She has worked at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis and as a licensed massage therapist in San Francisco. She currently connects people with plant, stone and energy medicine through teaching and working as a healing arts practitioner in Minneapolis.


Angela has received training and certification in the following modalities, from 2003-present.

  • 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher Training

  • Massage & Bodywork (over 500hrs): thai, acupressure, zen shiatsu, swedish

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified Crystal Healer & Crystal Reiki Practitioner

  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Clinical Western Herbalism: 6 years of study plus a traditional apprenticeship

    Further training in mindfulness meditation, intuition studies, chakra/energy medicine, and earth magic and ritual.

The bulk of the training took place both in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Twin Cities.


With the deepest gratitude to all of my teachers, clients, and to all of the people who have held space for me to heal, I wouldn't be doing this work without any of you. Thank you