customized crystal protocol

customized crystal protocol


A healing crystal protocol designed specifically for you. This will include a chakra layout and a daily crystal protocol.  Instructions will be emailed to you with a list of crystals for you to purchase on your own.

Read description and instructions below before purchasing.

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Once you've purchased your order, you will be prompted to fill out a form with what you’d like support with.  Angela will then read your description and either mail you an essence blend -and/or- email you your specific crystal protocol, including instructions. 

Your email should include what's going on, what you'd like to work on and/or shift in your life.  You can choose up to three themes and you may describe them in as much or as little detail, as desired.  Angela will use her training in crystal healing, essences, plant medicine, deep listening and intuition to create custom protocols for YOU.  The essence blend will be mailed out within 3 business days, while the crystal layout will be emailed out within two days. 

Refunds and Policy Once purchased, you will be prompted to fill out an entry form where you will describe what you’d like support with. Prior to purchasing, take time to center, meditate, journal and get real about where you're at and what you'd like to shift in your life.  This will aid you in getting the most specific energetic shifts for your life, for receiving the most magic and will honor your process.  

Once purchased, there are no refunds.   

Intuitive Essence Blends will be mailed out in the U.S. only.